Amicorp Miami
傲明 Services Ltd. (Miami) 是该集团在美国的两个代表处之一,能够提供 傲明集团 的全套服务和产品。结合内部和外部的各项专业技能,该办事处可与法律事务所和金融机构合作,提供最佳的构建解决方案。此外,该办事处还能够充当美国南部大部分地区全球客户和私人银行,以及管理公司和资产管理人之间的中介。


  • 构建国际和财务方面的法律实体,包括为各种实体和不同的辖区提供跨国企业管理服务;
  • 协调建立符合经济合作与发展组织转移定价国际交易规定的各类结构;
  • 对业务流程外包服务进行营销。

使用语言:英语、西班牙语, 葡萄牙语, 法语 和 阿拉伯语。


Notice to Amicorp customers:

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation DOES NOT provide safety and soundness oversight of this company, does not provide any opinion as to any affiliated companies or products, and does not provide any oversight of this company's affiliated international trust entities or the jurisdictions in which they operate. The company may not act as a fiduciary and may not accept the fiduciary appointment, execute or transmit fiduciary documents, take possession of any assets, create a fiduciary relationship, make discretionary decisions regarding investment or distribution of fiduciary accounts, provide banking services, or promote or sell investments.

Certain described services are not offered to the general public in Florida, but are marketed by Amicorp Services Ltd. exclusively to professionals and current or prospective non-U.S. resident clients of the affiliated international trust entities.